LINEN RADAR maintains an accurate, real-time inventory of all items that ensures 100% control of assets to eliminate non-theft related losses.


Manages linen operations, including inventory tracking, maintaining storerooms, and monitoring laundry activity.

Integrated RFID Technology

100% control of the linen inventory, and eliminates the need to manually sort and hand count. This lets operators instantly identify and record hundreds of linens in seconds with the RFID technology. The RFID equipment is configured by the System One LTD for optimum performance and accuracy.


The chips are attached to all linens to uniquely identify each individual piece. They have a read range of up to 6 feet from the equipment with 100% accuracy. The chip withstand all laundry processes for at least 200 wash cycles, including washing, drying, and pressing

      Portable Readers

They are flexible and accurate on linen inventory tracking. Portable Handheld Readers uses Linen Radar Mobile Software to save time and increase productivity in processing linens. The wireless capability is especially useful to the healthcare industry when processing contaminated linens.

     System Intergration

LINEN RADAR System interfaces with the S1 Laundry System to allow the laundry operations to also benefit from the RFID tags in the linens. Information is shared between the systems to provide complete inventory tracking through the laundry process and to eliminate discrepancies and disputes with the laundry.


LINEN RADAR provides the appropriate equipment for each customer’s unique environment and operational requirements. LINEN RADAR also assist with determining the appropriate location for the equipment to be installed for most efficiently processing the various system features. Linen Inventory Reading Stations Portable Handheld Readers with LINEN RADAR Mobile Software Laundry Cart Reading Stations with Touch-Screen Computer

     Cost Saving

  • Eliminates Linen Losses
  • Improves Labor Productivity
  • Reduces Purchases
  • Lowers Laundry Expenses

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The system has many special features and powerful reporting capabilities for managing all aspects of linen operations!

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